Codes & Statutes

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The Legislature is given the responsibility of creating laws, appropriating funds, approving inter-governmental agreement(s) and acquiring property.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Ho-Chunk Nation:

Section 1: Statutes. All final decisions of the Legislature on matters of permanent interest shall be embodied in statutes. Such enactments shall be available for inspection by members of the Nation during normal business hours.

Section 2: Resolutions. All final decisions on matters of temporary interest where a formal expression is needed shall be embodied in a resolution, noted in the minutes, and shall be available for inspections by members of the nation during normal business hours.

Section 3. Form. All statutes and resolutions shall be dated and numbered and shall include a certificate of verification.

Section 4. Review. The Legislature shall submit statutes and resolutions to the Secretary of Interior for approval when required by Federal law.