Gone is the dilapidated and crumbling District 1 Community Center (D1CC). The former Majestic Pines Casino outgrew its space and was eventually converted as a multi-use center for the Black River Falls tribal community.

For many years, the community was in desperate need for an upgrade and this week marked the start of a new chapter. A chapter that represents the community’s commitment to ensuring this generation of youth are afforded a cleaner, safer, tech savvy, and overall more suitable community center.

The ribbon cutting ceremony and open house was representative of the community. Elders gathered and laughed as they recalled the old D1CC and had no trouble rattling off all of its deficiencies. The youth were quick to explore the building and were not shy about breaking in the new basketball rims with games of 21 and lightning.

The food was hot and delicious and “Little Thunder’ kept the songs jamming throughout the night.

Located just behind Sand Pillow, the D1CC is the new epicenter of community development in what is referred to as Wazee Subdivision. The vision is that the D1CC will strengthen the community by becoming the focal point of future single home and multi-family development projects throughout Wazee.

• Approximately 60,000 sq ft
• Community access computer center
• Outdoor ceremonial fireplace
• 2 Indoor gyms with 8 basketball hoops
• Geothermal heating
• Community gathering space
• Office space
• Gym & fitness studio

In the past, when some cultural events were conducted at the D1CC, Youth Services would have to cancel their programming. Now, cultural events will not adversely impact the operations of Youth Services.

Youth services now has ample space to accommodate offices for the staff, classrooms and group space for the youth, and a small child care space.

The Language Division has offices and meeting space that will allow for group language lessons and one-on-one teachings.

• Brand new free weights
• Brand new cardio equipment
• Group exercise studio
• Indoor track
• 2 indoor gyms

The District 1 Community Center didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t the work or vision of one single person. Instead, so many community members, parents, youth, and elected officials played a huge part in seeing this become a reality. Thank you for the vision, the funding, and the commitment to staying the course over the years. Collectively, we have delivered a beautiful, state of the art community center that we are so very proud and grateful to have. Thank you!

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It’s that time again!! The Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature has started the redistricting process.It is the constitutional duty of the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature to complete a redistricting process every 10 years. The last redistricting process happened in 2008. The district lines cannot stay the same and they must change per the Constitution. The Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature would like to include as much tribal member participation in this process. 

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